Nothing Much

Been tryin to get my new layout's header right, but it jus doesnt seem to be straight. Hmm. Wonder wots wrong. Is it because of blogger header up there? *ponders* oh well, i really wanna work on it but doin it discretly is so darn difficult. haha. Comtemplating if i shud remove my blog address on friendster, i think i shud. Jus in case i invite unwanted personnels here. Know wot? The only 2 people I wish will read this regularly are Sis & tL. Then, I will be more than contented. ;)


  1. aw.. that's sweet! i do! i do! i read this everyday! at least once a day! i can't wait for ur funky new layout. ya, maybe u should remove ur blog url on friendster. beacuse some unwelcomed people may read my blog through ur link as well! *grinz* but then again, it's a public blog. and we don't blog about out bust size here. so y worry? haha!

  2. yea, and its now removed! haha...