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Well, my road trip was pretty destroyed by the juicy mouth of my mom. As she was rattling non stop & repeatedly on no nothing. Unpleasant affairs aside, truthfully I'm glad we went all the way out of KL to 1 Utama ware most of my buys were from there. Namely,

  • 3 pairs of bra
  • 1 mng turtleneck
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 tubie
  • 2 camisoles

Fortunately i did not hesitate in buying all these or i will regret more today ;) Oh, did i mention i drove 1 hr on the expressway to Melaka? However again, this time my dad was the noisy one who cant stop instructing me to keep left here, change lane there. Gosshhh!! Verdict: Malaysian Drivers are to be avoided at all cost. They drive me nuts! They will flash their high beam when they think ya hogging the road, so that you will change lane and let them pass. *abhor* Tho i always think my dad's not as alert as he used to be, but he really did a great job driving to/ard malaysia. *thumbs up for dadsy*
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