blog of a megagirly (for 05/07/04)

Well, anyone has an answer for the sushi ques? Those who have will get a kiss from me! Wahaha.. Oh well, haven been blogging much. Busy @ work! Glad tho. AnyOhow, last last Friday we ( pin, wen, suat & me) went to Chinablack, like finally! Verdict was, the music was actually pretty interesting! But I think the DJ's a lil cranky. He did like a range of lindy hop to r&b/top40 to Indian ethnic kinds to jelly-pop and back to r&b/top40 kinda mix. Still, had tons of fun & crazy sightings with the beloved gurls!! Take a peep at the snapshots and u'd know wot I mean. **grinZ (but i got prob uploading them from my mobile leh.. next time then)
Anyway, I'm all happy! To have that clubbing 'feel' I lost eons ago back. Oh, did I mentioned I bumped into several people that Friday? First was Dorothy, whom I bumped into at my workplace hawker! **shocked wonder ware is she working now. She's still looking cute with her porcelain skin.
Second was Gary(1 yr my jr). Guess who was he with?? Bobby! Su, if ya reading this, Gary went clubbing with BG! Gosh, he was in all white. BG is known to be a weirdo in NRA(at least to me). He does things like blowing this face against the fan thinking he's shooting some kinda advert in front of the studio mirror. **gulps
Third, Yang Yikang. This CSM in NCC during my GESS days, whom is quiet and well-behaved guy is seen in the club! Ok, not that all clubbers are unruly, but but, he's so guai to me. Besides that, he was smoking, yea, a smoker. Him?! Unbelievable. NS can really change someone.

O well, til i have more to blog.. stay tuned.

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