There's nothing I wanna post here .. but i jus have some spare time on hand. Probably i should work on that 'all about myself' article or just waste my time blabbering here. I'm choosing the latter. Haa.. thats my true self . Slacker !!! *shameful* Quick someone provide me with insights to blabber abt.. ok pple, tell me if i should run tonite or tml nite or never? Cause i haven been excerising for 2 weeks! Most of you noe my hectic schedule back in NP, now im lazy like a pig, growing big like a hippo (u noe wot i mean?) though many will go, ''neh, ya stil skinny like a stick''. Yea yea.. that was yesteryears... i wan my hectic and running abt life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *yawns*

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