Levi's waistless

ok people, i admit i have a lot of clothings, but they are never enough and never up to date. rite gurls? heee.. im in the midst of organising my clothes, but it jus doesnt seem to be workin out well.
    oh, anyone interested in gettin a processed size 26 straight fit waistless (the one without belt loops) levi's??
cos i really looked weird in it, and i got it cos i had the voucher, should jus gotten the one without processed 27. interested jus sms me or drop a tag ya? price abt $50 - 60. good friends rite? cheap cheap quick grab! i oso got some clothes posted on yahoo!auctions, but i dunoe how you all can search.. hmm.. aiya, need clothes jus come over and i will sell them to you!! summerdale, come k! cya!!! ditto. *poof*

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