Here in this cold quiet office, u hear 3 girls munching their snacks away(including yours truly) hehe. cos we are all on a diet! but I wonder if all these butter cookies are of any help. *ponders* anyhow, one thing.. no 3 things I know abt gurls are,
  • they are constantly on a diet
  • always shopping thinkin they do not have enough clothes
  • always having lotsa of clothes in their cupboard
Now there.. do you see the contradiction?? Hee... yet im guilty of that.. *wink* no wonder guys are often confused by us women. but thats wot we enjoy, we like to create confusion even tho there isnt any! think its innate in us.. ;) alrite guys, dont bash me up when you read this, i'm jus warning you in advance... *beams*

oh yea, apparently a Samaritan went round giving puffs to everyone jus when i was in the ladiessss......... *poutssss* i din get my share........

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