You see, Toshiba has this quarter year kinda newsletter shit. So as a newcomer, i was supposed to write abt myself in 100 words. But you see, nothing came out cept this. (tot to self: eun, ya such a hopeless case. )
Clueless though I was supposed to know myself well. If I dont who will? Cheesy as it seems, many do not actually know themselves do they? Nuff crap, back to the main topic. Hello people, I am Eunice, also known as, erm, Eun? Rubbish eun, Stop it already. Ok 100 words up. No after word count, only half is up. How? More rubbish then. Am I there yet? No? Urgh. Now? No? Close. Crap crap crap. You are such a 'crab' eun.
And I din even manage 100 words of crap. Gone case..

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