"Lottery Streak"

While waiting for the 28 pages of invoices to be printed out, thou shall blog a bit. A quick update. Saturday, tL and I attended his SISPEC ASLC Graduation Dinner at Le Meridian Hotel. May I just say their toilet's attrocious? Haha. Back to the main point, thing abt such dinners is lucky draw. And the thing abt lucky draw is I dun get lucky. However, that very night, almost the whole table we were sitting at, won something.. out of like 200 pax? Hmm.. magical isnt it? Its like one after the other, ... creepy.. hehe.. we got like the 9th prize and upwards.. even the 2nd and 1st prize were from our table. Boy oh boy, we've just strike "lottery"!! Magical enough for one blog entry.

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