hey readers, the ever slping blogger is back.. in the office early today.. (as usual) but this time no free Streats to read.. so im here instead. this wk's been a crazy one as im super stressed and busy at work.cos im offically handling the work all by myself. im dead. giving myself one more mth and if i cant take it, thats it. i will leave end of may. say im givin myself high expectation as this arent easy task. pple take 3 mths, i give myself 2. well, apart from work.. wkend's been a super 'rich' one as i jus got my pay!!!!!! rejoice!! haha.. so i started on my spendin spree together with darling, tL. and lived a 'tai tai' life for 2 days. =P here's a list of wot i bought.
1. Polo Ralph Sports Shades
2. Escada's New Fragrance set - Island Kiss (which came with its body lotion, bag, n lots of mininatures)
3. A jap print card holder (pretty!)
4. Estee Lauder Pleasure set (consist of its lotion n body wash, actually its my v-day gift, of cos with flowers)
5. Crumpler Handphone pouch (tL bought the bigger one too)
6. thats abt it? it seems a lot leh.hmm.. mabbe not..
oh! tL made green tea jelly for me while i was at work. Sweet huh! hehe... though not high sugar content but very sweet in my heart. *blush* hee..... oh well, will upload pictures of my gifts and buys soon! to make u pple envious of me... heh heh... gotta work now! wish me luck for later's mini presentation to boss AL!! tata!

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