my back hurts.. because i wore heels to work today. bad choice. was supposed to meet tim but long story.. oh well.. anyway i cant believed i bought 2 pairs of slippers at one go..... and took like..... erm 2hrs 30 mins break? ya... im horrible but tat and su came down and we got carried away.. walkin n walkin.. had dinner and came back. eh did i mention abt tat's new hair cut/colour plus newly bought specs? he looked like an artist whom no one buys his painting from.. hahahaha.... NErDy is the word.... anyway i left my partner all alone at booth but the good thing was he din 'kill' me.. and still entertained me the whole evenin.. haha.. well like wot su says my job is to stand there and look pretty..! hehz... dat was my 'happenin' story for today...... ;P

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