oh yea... finally a day of rest from my semi-hectic schedule.. why semi-hectic? Caused my job actually starts in aug, which means more days of work and longer hours. On sundays, i actually have to work from 10am to 11pm!! 13 hrs! Cant even sit for a while, cept the breaks that i take. But actually working inside HMV isnt that bad. I get to slack as and when i like and as long as i want to. Haha. Oh dont be mistaken i'm not a staff of HMV, juz a gurl selling XeLIBRi mobiles inside HmV =) One happy thing..... i finally got my 7250!!! My advanced birthday pressie frm my dad, but i plan to pay hiim back when i get my pay =P And the thing is, its 7250i a updated version of the normal one but it has more functions! I mean better! i can take pictures in the dark, zoom at the picture and attach to a phone number, which means whenever my fren calls, his picture will appear!! Cool eh?? hahaha!! Im a HApPPPy guRL!!!!!!

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